Hockey Wizards

Hockey Wizards has been looking to help hockey players develop all their stick skills through sports specific resistance training methods for over fourteen years.

We think we have finally found the right combination of traditional methods complemented by a non-traditional approach. It's not just resistance or weight training for hockey players stick skills but a combination of new products and methods that allow hockey players to stress their hands to improve all their skills.  

With Skill Wraps players stress their hands to get quicker, stronger, softer and better conditioned hands all within the same workout.

Players see and feel results quickly which leads to greater confidence. Also, players enjoy the workouts, they have fun and time flies by. 


Owner and founder of Hockey Wizards - Bob Lundeen

Bob has been coaching for over 16 years and officiating for over 38 years

'76 Olympic Team

'73 NCAA Division 1 National Champions, Univ. Wisconsin

'70 MSHSL Champions, Minneapolis Southwest